Code of Conduct

Our membership is committed to providing the very best outdoors experience possible

Maine Association of Charterboat Captains Code of Conduct

  1. MACC members will operate with and adhere to the highest standards of safety in conducting guided trips. To this end, all members will meet and/or exceed legal standards as mandated by state and federal governmental bodies and the U.S. Coast Guard with regard to training, equipment, and operational methods at all times.
  2. MACC members will at all times maintain current proper U.S. Coast Guard and Maine Guide licensure.
  3. MACC members will commit to preserving and substaining our marine resources as the most highly regarded concern. At all times we will seek to impact our environment as minimally as possible and to educate our clientele as to responsible habits.
  4. MACC members will commit to honest and ethical habits with regard to reporting current fishing / boating conditions to potential clients.
  5. At all times, the watercraft of MACC members will be well-maintained, reasonably clean, and appropriate for waters navagated.
  6. MACC members will retain the right and responsibility to cancel or postpone charters at their discretion to protect the safety of his or her crew and clients.