The Maine Association of Charterboat Captains (MACC) Striped Bass Tagging Program

MACCtag is an ongoing effort providing size, growth and migration data on Atlantic striped bass caught in Maine. It engages and educates charter fishing anglers and other recreational fishermen about the need for continued striped bass research and conservation. 

MACCtag also collects data about predominant size and year classes of striped bath caught and released by anglers in Maine. Migration patterns of striped bass caught in Maine, including annual arrival and departure timing. And the percentage and frequency of striped bass tagged in Maine that return to those same waters.

MACCtag is self-funded and not for profit. Licensed captains, their mates, and selected anglers do the tagging with a kit containing a How To sheet, Floy dart tags, tag information cards and tagging needle. 

The Maine Association of Charterboat Captains understands the need to reduce release stress on striped bass. MACCtag coordinator Fred Bogue has developed very efficient tagging release techniques that are integral part of this program and are explained in the MACCtag How To sheet. Fred will provide additional information and personal demonstrations to any participant in MACCtag. 

FMI contact:
Fred Bogue
10 Terhune Drive
Phippsburg, ME  04562
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
609-410-5142 voice or text

What to do if you catch a tagged striped bass

There are several striped bass tagging programs. They all have different contact info for returning tag data so look the tag over closely for that info and instructions. The tagging program will want to know the length of the fish and the location it was recaught and if it was released or kept. Note: Should you catch a fish with a Hudson River Foundation tag you must clip the tag off and send it in. They will not share tagging data or send you your reward without returning the tag to them. 

Should you catch a striped bass with a MACCtag, you can clip off the tag or record the tag number and release the fish with the tag still in place. Then contact Fred and give him the tag number, the length of the fish, the location it was recaught, and if the fish was kept or released. Those returning a MACCtag or it’s info will receive a letter with the tagging data of that fish and a MACCtag patch. The tagger of the fish will receive the same. 

Thank you to the Coastal Conservation Assn. of Maine for their financial support of MACCtag. 

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